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Simplify your group management

Create a personalised page for your event

A comprehensive and simple solution so event attendees can book online on a website designed specially for the occasion

Our Group Booking Tool is a personalised website page through which congress and event attendees can book online individually and view only the rates and conditions contracted for the event.

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We create the website with all the details of your event

Share it with attendees for their individual bookings

Book at your group rate and check in online!

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Meliá Group Booking Tool

Belonging is being able to choose

Use your MeliáRewards points for stays in our hotels, in our restaurants, bars and spas, with partner companies and in our extensive MeliáRewards Shopping catalogue.

You can also buy points, transfer them between programmes or members and give them as a gift to whoever you wish.


To request your page in our Group Booking Tool ask your group manager. It’s totally free!


The page includes information about the selected hotels, dates and your special rates for attendees, and in all the languages you need!

All so easy

Thanks to individual reservations made directly to the contracted hotels, agencies, companies or meetings planners have real-time access to all the confirmed bookings for their event.