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If you have forgotten the email you used, please introduce your last name and MeliáRewards number.

If you have forgotten your MeliáRewards card number, please contact our customer service: 91 2764700 (from Spain) - (+34) 91 14 84 14 (from outside Spain)

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Discover the new programme Melia Hotels International has designed for companies to allow them to reward their top employees, customers or partners.

Based on the MeliáRewards loyalty programme, it offers a wide range of ways to redeem points so that every beneficiary can enjoy their well-deserved reward in whatever way they like best and with total flexibility and safety.

All this is possible through the purchase of MeliáRewards points that the company can deliver to whoever it chooses so they can use them whenever they wish.


  1. Contact your sales advisor or
  2. Decide the number of MeliáRewards points you want to give to your employees, customers or partners.
  3. Minimum purchase: 500,000 points to be distributed among a minimum of 10 beneficiaries. The cost of this purchase is only €2,500
  4. At the time of purchase, it must be agreed how and within what time limits the name of the beneficiaries will be communicated by the buyer with their contact details and the amount of points that must be  credited to their MeliáRewards card.
  5. Beneficiaries will receive a personalised email with the number of MeliáRewards points the company is giving them and instructions on how to redeem them.

Meanwhile get the benefit of our special offer:

20% XTRA
Meliá Hotels International is offering 20% extra MeliáRewards points only for purchases made before 31st March 2021.
Example: for a minimum purchase of 500,000 points, we add on an extra 20% (100,000 points) as a gift, making a grand total of 600,000 points.

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