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Frequently asked questions

Yes, when you search for the hotel you want to book, the website displays two tabs with different rates to choose from: the standard public rates and the MeliáRewards special discount rate. If your customer is not a member of MeliáRewards, you can register them as you make the booking at the discounted rate.
MELIÁ PRO allows the payment of net rates using the travel agency credit card. This rate is calculated by deducting the travel agent commission percentage. The commission is recovered instantly as soon as the agency receives payment for the full public rate from the final customer.
The "Reservation Status" section at MELIÁ PRO allows you to check bookings made by your office and make changes and cancellations or pay off any bookings that remain pending payment.
No, only Tour Operator bookings made by 12/08/2018 will be awarded points (America Region). You can claim points from a pending booking by following these steps: My account > My points > Claiming Points.
With Meliá Pro Certificates, you will be able to gain accreditation in up to twelve specialisations, which will help you to perform your work better, you will get to know our brands in depth and you will become a Meliá expert in all the most relevant destinations and business programmes. You will also get 1,000 MeliáRewards points for each module that you complete. Up to 12,000 MeliáRewards points to enjoy however you choose!
When you search for a hotel, the information on commissions can be found in the rate conditions.
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